We Are Bike the Brazos

 ​Our company was born from a passion of riding and the love of the outdoors. Nothing compares to the happiness you feel when you find a secluded place to adventure in, a fun hill to ride on, and friends to enjoy your new experiences with. There are so many reasons to be out enjoying electric bikes. No matter what your adventure is going to be, we want your ride to be fast, fun, connected, and easy!

Find your favorite bike and join the Monday Motorbikes Family to see what the excitement is all about.

Like Monday, Bike the Brazos was born from the love of outdoors and the excitement and growth in the technology and changes around the EV industry. After lots of research in the market we chose what we felt to be the best automobile grade bicycle to provide our customers the best rides in the City Of Waco!

  • Kevin Williams - President



  • Alex Viator - Advertising Specialist



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